Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A little About Me! ..un po 'di me

My  love affair with Italy started back in 1995.  I was the ripe old age of just 18, overseas on a European Adventure! Like many others before, I was on the trip of a lifetime, 17 countries in 37 days...but there was one country that simply took my breath away! Amore...

I was ready to throw down a few shots of frangelico and dismiss my passport into the Grand Canal (main canal that runs through Venice)! i did not want to leave this gorgeous country, the food, the friendly locals, the food, and not to mention the smells that waft from each cucina window you pass. My senses had never been so eccitato or  my appetite so grande!

However I was only 18 and Lire was running quickly through my fingers (shopping is up there with the food). So i decided to head back home to Sydney, save as much as I could and one day ritorno!

And one day I did...so sit back, sip on a cappuccino or pour yourself a glass of your favourite moscato d'asti  (if its past 12o'clock) and let me take you on a culinary journey to delight even the fussiest of mama.

Enjoy your cooking.....godetevi la vostra cucina 

Mama G xxx

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