Sunday, 2 November 2014

I have returned! Lets Cook! .....Sono Tornato! lascia cuoco!

Ciao fellow foodies! Sono Tornato. Things in la Mia casa have been busy of late and it was requested by my little bambini, that we have a break from Italian cuisine every night! Oh mama Mia! You can just imagine my reaction but I was out numbered and have been trying my hand at a few different dishes, way out of my comfort zone! stir fries, the humble steak & pomme frites (yes I just spoke french!) and even a little spicy morrocan. Which pains me to say some of these exotic cuisines can be quite delizioso!

But that's not why we're here. we have a love affair with Italy. And I have kindly been given the green light to jump back into the cucina and do what MamaG does best! CUCINARE ITALIANO!


So lets start with the most important meal of the day...prima colazione! Keep an eye out for my healthy Italiano Frittata in my next blog.  

Godere....MamaG xx

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