Friday, 19 September 2014

Strawberries with lemon, mint & presecco...fragole con limone, menta e prosceco

The Weekend is here!  lascia festeggiare! (Lets celebrate) With the weather getting warmer and the price of strawberries getting lower. This is a lovely little treat I like to throw together to unwind for the weekend.  Salute....

 punnets of gorgeous strawberries
1 lemon
1 tablespoon of caster sugar
fresh mint
A bottle of your favourite prosecco

Wash, and core the strawberries, put them into a couple of frozen glasses. Squeeze over a little lemon juice. Sprinkle over a tablespoon of caster sugar.  Finely grate a teaspoon of lemon zest. Finally add a few leaves of freshly torn mint.    

little hint: dip the rim of your glass into a little extra sugar, to add extra sweetness 🍸

Last but not least...pour over a good swig of prosecco.......salute 

MamaG xx

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