Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Quick Tiramsu....tiramisu veloce

There are so many different ways to cook a  tiramisù but this is one of my favourites. tiramisù translates to "Pick Me Up", this version will certainly do that. Enjoy...godere

15 sponge fingers
285 ml freshly brewed espresso
4 tblespns caster sugar
500g mascarpone
A few drops of vanilla essence
140ml Marsala (fortified wine)
zest and juice of 1 orange
100g good quality dark chocolate

Get  a large rectangle glass dish or similar. Arrange your sponge fingers in layers on top of each other, covering the base of the dish. Add 2 tblspns of the caster sugar to your freshly brewed espresso. give it a stir to sweeten. Pour the coffee over the sponge fingers, making sure the top layer is completely covered.  The sponge fingers will completely absorb the coffee.

While that soaks in, put your mascarpone in a bowl and whisk it up with the rest of the sugar.  Slowly add a few drops of vanilla essence while whisking.  Drizzle in the marsala until the mascarpone becomes silky and a shiny consistency.

Now add a few squeezes of orange juice before smearing the mascarpone over the sponges.
Finally grate or peel the dark chocolate over the smeared mascarpone. Sprinkle lightly with a little finely grated orange zest.

Keep in the frigorifero till ready to serve.

Mama G xx

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